Father and Son.

Drawing Contest 2018

My favorite Göweil machine

To celebrate Universal Children's Day, we put on a drawing contest named “My favorite Göweil machine” for the first time.
Our only requirement was: The picture must depict a machine made by Göweil.

We are very happy that we received so many great submissions. Accordingly, the jury's evaluation has not been easy.


The winners of the drawing contest

Age group: 0 - 8 Years

Michael drew a round baler for the drawing contest.

Michael, 6 Years

With his drawing, Michael managed to get the most Facebook Likes and thus is the winner of the Facebook rating.

Viktoria drew a round baler.

Viktoria, 6 Years

Viktoria has conquered the hearts of the jury in her age group and can look forward to a great prize.

Age group: 9 - 16 Years

Simon drew a baler-wrapper combination.

Simon, 11 Years

Simon got the most Facebook Likes in the age group of the older kids and is one of the four winners.

Nina drew a round bale wrapper.

Nina, 9 Years

Nina convinced the jury with her picture and also won the competition.

The lucky winners can each be happy about a complete Göweil outfit

(Overalls, t-shirt, hat, and sunglasses)

Price of the drawing contest - Göweil outfits

The submissions

Thanks to all participating children for the great pictures!

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