Messerschleifen mit dem MS100

Sharp blades always pay off!

Even if you work with first-rate round balers and loading wagons, it is paramount that you operate with properly sharpened blades. Perfectly sharpened blades will reduce power requirements, affording you a savings in fuel of up to 10 %.

Conversely, working with dull cutting unit blades will increase your cost of operation significantly.

Sharp blades offer the additional benefit of keeping the machine in good working order by cutting down wear substantially.

Even the quality of the feed is affected positively by sharp blades. Sharpened blades, thus, ultimately lead to higher yields in milk and meat.

For all common straight or curved blades on round balers and loading wagons.

It is for these reasons that Göweil developed the MS100 blade sharpener, which can be used on all common straight or curved blades and delivers maximum sharpness.

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