Harvester for baling hemp

G-1 B5040 Bunker Baler

Mobile baler-wrapper combination with fully automatic program control


The Bunker Baler G-1 B5040 is used to compress and package freshly cut hemp plants into a round bale (bale diameter: 1.25 m / 4’ x 4’) directly on the field. Inspired by our G-1 F125 Kombi, this baler-wrapper combination has been designed specifically for baling industrial hemp. The difference between the two machines lies in the feeding of the bale chamber. While the G-1 F125 Kombi uses a pickup to gather material directly from the ground, the Bunker Baler is filled from the top by means of a conveyor system.

Highlights of the hemp baler

Maximum efficiency

The hemp is transported directly into the bunker via a conveyor belt attached to the mower. This harvesting technique eliminates the need for additional work steps between mowing and baling. You will not lose any time.


Harvesting hemp with great efficiency

The Bunker Baler helps you save time and personnel. Merged to a single work flow, mowing and baling can be carried out by one person.

Top-notch quality

Mowing, baling and wrapping are combined into a single work flow. This harvesting technique prevents any contact between material and dirt. The material is compressed with great force in the fixed chamber baler immediately after mowing. Since the material is wrapped promptly after being baled, air is excluded immediately. The rapid further processing of the hemp plants preserves the precious raw materials to the highest possible degree.

Work flow - hemp harvest

Generally, there are a variety of hemp harvesting methods. The following is a description of the harvesting technique where the entire work flow is completed in one sequence directly on the field. For harvesting hemp with a conventional forage chopper, the ideally suited machines are the LT-Master and VARIO-Master baler-wrapper combinations.

The hemp plant is cut just below the leaves and buds for further processing.

Mowing hemp

The hemp plant is cut below the leaves and buds by a specially designed mower and then transported into the bunker of the G-1 B5040 Bunker Baler via an integrated conveyor belt.

Hemp baling

The cut plants are fed gradually to the bale chamber from the bunker via the conveyor system. The material is then highly compressed inside the bale chamber.

The bunker of the G-1 B5040 if filled with cut hemp plants from the top via a conveyor belt.
Following the wrapping process, the hemp bale is deposited directly onto the field.

Hemp bale wrapping

Immediately after the baling process, the round bale is transferred to the wrapping table and packaged perfectly air-tight.

Bale deposit

The fully wrapped bale of industrial hemp is deposited directly onto the field.

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