Tips on maintenance by Göweil experts.
Ready for winter?
Expert tips on maintaining your machines

Keep your machine in pristine condition during the winter!

The new harvest season begins and you are pulling your machines out of storage only to find out: The equipment is not working!

To avoid this sort of distress as much as possible, it is imperative that you meticulously service equipment and machinery of all kinds and take measures that provide adequate protection before storing your equipment and machinery for the winter.

Cleaning the machine

Basically the following applies: You should never store a machine that is covered in dirt as this will encourage the formation of rust. Whether you use water or air for cleaning is of no consequence and a matter of your personal preference.

If you use a pressure washer, however, you must make sure not to point the water jet directly at any sensitive parts of the machine. These include:

  • bearings

  • gearbox inputs/outputs

  • ventilation filters

  • electronic components

  • oil/water coolers

  • film stretcher rollers

  • stickers

  • etc.

It is essential that you allow the machine to dry properly. Consequently, you might want to consider washing your entire fleet in good weather and mild temperatures. A recommended way to remove pooled water is to blow the water off by hand.

Well lubricated

When finished washing, proceed by thoroughly lubricating all bearing points before starting and warming up the machine one more time to push out the last remnants of water.

After that, we recommend that you lubricate the bearings yet again and polish parts of the frame and enclosures as necessary. For environmental reasons, we recommend that you refrain from using preservation comprised of a diesel-oil mixture and use suitable waxes and waxing oils instead.

Servicing the motor

If the machine is furnished with a combustion engine, you should top off the fuel tank before storing the machine for the winter in order to keep condensation from forming. You should, furthermore, check the level of antifreeze and top it off if necessary (allow the engine to warm up again afterwards).

You should also check once again if the engine oil level is within normal limits.

Disconnecting the battery

To ensure that your battery will be in tip-top shape when the next season arrives, you definitely need to disconnect it and hook it up to a trickle charger to prolong its service life. If you deal with a cold environment, it is even advisable to remove the battery altogether and store it in a warm location.

Proper storage

As a general rule, choose a storage location for your machines that is dry and free of dust. We recommend that you jack up the axles on machines with a chassis and check and, if necessary, adjust the air pressure in the tires.

It is best to take off electronic components such as the hand-held terminal and ensure that they are protected against frost.


It is vital that you subject the machines to a thorough inspection before putting them into storage and use the slower winter season as an opportunity to repair any damage they may have incurred.

This will shield you from any unwelcome surprises in the spring and any additional stress before the start of the new harvest season.


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