Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Machines

Give your machines a proper winter break!

Maintenance tips from the Göweil expert.

Picture this: 
The new harvesting season is starting and the machines are being brought out of storage and then it happens: something is not working!
To avoid this situation, our service experts recommend carrying out maintenance on all of your equipment and machines now and taking a few important steps to protect them and preserve their value.

Cleaning the Machine

The golden rule: A machine should never be stored dirty as this can promote the formation of rust. It’s up to you whether to use water or air for cleaning. 
However, when using a high-pressure cleaner you should always make sure that you avoid directing the water jet at delicate parts of the machine, such as:

  • bearings

  • gearbox inputs and outputs

  • air relief valve

  • electronic components

  • oil and water coolers

  • dispenser rollers

  • stickers

  • etc.

It is important that the machine is properly dried. So it’s a good idea to choose a day with good weather and mild temperatures to wash all your machines. It also pays to air blow the equipment to remove any standing water.

lubricate all bearing points well

Well Lubricated

After cleaning, lubricate all bearing points well before warming the machine up again to dry off the last water residue.
After that, it is advisable to lubricate the bearings again and polish any frame parts and enclosures.
To preserve the paint, and help protect the environment, please avoid using a diesel/oil mixture. Use suitable waxes and wax oils instead.

Maintaining the Engine

If the machine has a combustion engine, fill up the fuel tank before storing for the winter. This helps prevent condensation from forming. In addition to that, please always check the antifreeze and increase if necessary (after that warm up the engine again).
The motor oil level should also be checked again.

fill up the fuel tank before storing

Disconnecting the battery

To ensure that the battery continues to function flawlessly during the following season, it is essential that it is disconnected and connected to a battery maintenance charger in order to extend its service life.
In low temperatures it is preferable to remove the battery and place it in a warm location.

check your equipment before storage

Repair Work

It is particularly important that the equipment is thoroughly checked before being stored for the winter and any damage repaired during the less stressful winter period.
For the G-1 F125 and G-1 F125 Kombi, it is advisable to check the chain tension and measure the chain length with a wear gauge. The function of the central lubricator should also be checked.
Now is also the time to perform a pick-up check and sharpening your knives, as the sharper they are, the better the cutting quality.

Proper storage

We are almost ready, now let’s think about storage. Machines should always be stored dry and dust-free. For machines with a chassis, the axles should be jacked up, and the air pressure of the tires checked and adjusted if necessary.
Electronic components, such as the hand-held terminal should ideally be removed and must be protected from frost.

With our tips, you can avoid any nasty surprises when spring arrives and thus have a stress-free start to the new harvesting season. Our service team is available around the clock throughout the year to assist with any problems and queries relating to your GÖWEIL machine:

E-Mail: service@goeweil.com
Tel.: +43 7215 / 21 31 - 5

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