Göweil headquarters in Kirchschlag bei Linz.
Quality from Upper Austria.
A success story speaks for itself.


Since 1988, GÖWEIL has epitomized excellence in the area of baling and wrapping technology thanks to a product selection of unsurpassed quality. All machines and equipment are designed, developed and produced exclusively at the company's location in Kirchschlag (Upper Austria).

As an exceptionally high portion of their products are exported, GÖWEIL machines have become renowned and are widely used throughout the world. When it comes to developing and manufacturing bale pressing and bale wrapping devices, GÖWEIL put its trust in its own planning department and its employee's long years of experience and know-how in product development and product manufacturing. All products made by GÖWEIL reflect the state of the art and are designed to fit the individual requirements of your specific applications.
The company has just under 250 employees; the success of the company is reflected in the constant growth.


The company was founded by the trained master machinist Herbert Göweil. In the first year he developed the company's first wrapper. A milestone for the first wrapper was implementation of a rotating wrapping arm, which did not yet exist in this design. This was the foundation for today's success.

Over the last few decades, GÖWEIL has established itself worldwide as a specialist in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and today it has also made a name for itself in the manufacturing of pressing and wrapping technology for industry.

Managing Director Herbert Göweil.


Göweil company headquarters are located in Kirchschlag bei Linz.

Göweil headquarters

Göweil has been headquartered in Kirchschlag bei Linz / Austria from the very beginning. This site is home to all administrative, production and storage facilities. Currently there is no possibility of expansion at this location, for this reason a second production site is under construction in Rainbach im Mühlkreis.

The subsidiary Göweil GmbH Schweiz is located in Huttwil Switzerland.

Göweil GmbH Schweiz

The subsidiary Göweil GmbH Schweiz was founded in 1999 by Fritz Zürcher and Herbert Göweil in Huttwil, Switzerland . Mr. Zürcher was so pleased with the Göweil wrapper he had purchased privately in 1995, that in 1996 he began importing Göweil products into Switzerland.
Due to the great demand in the Swiss market, in 1999 Mr Zürcher went into business for himself in collaboration with Herbert Göweil.
Today, in addition to sales of Göweil machines, the company is also in involved in the used machine trade and performs repair tasks.

The subsidiary Göweil BNL is located in Mirfeld, Belgium.

Göweil BNL

In 2015 Josef Goffinet together with Herbert Göweil founded the subsidiary Göweil BNL, in Mirfeld (Amel) in Belgium. In addition to its Belgian customers, Göweil BNL also supports customers from Luxembourg.
Before founding the subsidiary Mr. Goffinet had already been importing Göweil products via his agricultural machinery business that opened its doors in 1985.


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