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A success story speaks for itself.

The headquarters of GÖWEIL is in Kirchschlag near Linz (Upper Austria).

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Since 1988, GÖWEIL has epitomized excellence in the area of baling and wrapping technology thanks to a product selection of unsurpassed quality. All machines and equipment are designed, developed and produced exclusively at the company's location in Kirchschlag (Upper Austria).

As an exceptionally high portion of their products are exported, GÖWEIL machines have become renowned and are widely used throughout the world. When it comes to developing and manufacturing bale pressing and bale wrapping devices, GÖWEIL put its trust in its own planning department and its employee's long years of experience and know-how in product development and product manufacturing. All products made by GÖWEIL reflect the state of the art and are designed to fit the individual requirements of your specific applications.
The company has just under 250 employees; the success of the company is reflected in the constant growth.

Our values:

The following four values shape GÖWEIL's corporate culture:


All products are both planned, developed and produced at the company's sites in Kirchschlag and Rainbach (Upper Austria).


By constantly refining our product selection, we are capable of supplying cutting-edge solutions that offer premium quality and superior efficiency.


Our long years of experience and the close cooperation between our design and manufacturing departments are instrumental to the sophistication of our solutions.


Even the best machine needs maintenance. Our service team is there for you and will take care of your concerns.


The company was founded by the trained master machinist Herbert Göweil. In the first year he developed the company's first wrapper. A milestone for the first wrapper was implementation of a rotating wrapping arm, which did not yet exist in this design. This was the foundation for today's success.

Over the last few decades, GÖWEIL has established itself worldwide as a specialist in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and today it has also made a name for itself in the manufacturing of pressing and wrapping technology for industry.


GÖWEIL Headquarters

Kirchschlag bei Linz

The Göweil headquarters has been located in Kirchschlag near Linz / Upper Austria since the beginning.

In 1991, the construction of the current building was started. Over the years, the site was gradually expanded until finally the entire area was exhausted.

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GÖWEIL Rainbach im Mühlkreis plant

Production Site

Rainbach im Mühlkreis

The second production site of GÖWEIL is located in the INKOBA area in Rainbach im Mühlkreis / Upper Austria. The building with a total area of 15,500 m² has a paint shopassembly hallshipping hall and office space.

Since no expansion was possible at the Göweil headquarters in Kirchschlag near Linz, this plant was built for the production of individual products.

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GÖWEIL Switzerland AG

Since 2021, Göweil Switzerland AG functions as the general importer for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The administrative premises as well as the workshop and storage area are located in Rohrbach in the canton of Bern.  

Managing Director Bruno Bolliger has been with the Göweil brand in Switzerland since 2014 and took over as Managing Director of the newly founded company on September 1, 2021.


In 2015 Josef Goffinet together with Herbert Göweil founded the subsidiary Göweil BNL, in Mirfeld (Amel) in Belgium. In addition to its Belgian customers, Göweil BNL also supports customers from Luxembourg.
Before founding the subsidiary Mr. Goffinet had already been importing Göweil products via his agricultural machinery business that opened its doors in 1985.


The company Göweil was founded in 1988.

Herbert Göweil founded the company Göweil as a fitter's shop and agricultural machinery business. Starting with three employees on the family farm vehicle bodies were produced and various contract work was carried out.

The beginnings of the Göweil wrappers with the Siloboss.

The first wrapper with a rotating wrapping arm was developed. However after the first field trials this machine was broken down into is basic parts and reworked. However, the second machine, named Siloboss, is still in use to this day.

A new main building with workshops and office buildings is built.

The family garage then became too small, and this is why at today's headquarters in Kirchschlag, the new main building with workshops and office building were erected.

In addition to silage technology windrow turners were also produced.

In addition to the silage technology, approximately 300 windrow turners were produced and sold. Since the trend towards round bale silage technology kept increasing, Herbert Göweil focused on this technology and stopped production of the windrow turner.

A paint shop was erected.

A paint shop was erected.

Awarded the silver medal at Agritechnica 1997

The first baler-wrapper combination was developed with a round baler from John Deere, and it won the silver medal at Agritechnica. This was a huge success for the aspiring company.

The company building is extended with a production hall.

The company building was extended with a 500 m² production hall.

Foundation of the subsidiary Göweil CH in Switzerland.

The subsidiary Göweil GmbH was founded in Huttwil / Switzerland by Fritz Zürcher and Herbert Göweil.

Development trials for a square baling press were executed.

Development trials of a square baler named "Quako" were conducted.

The first "Maiskombi" produced in collaboration with the Swiss company Landtechnik Master.

The first maize combination was developed together with the Swiss company "Landtechnik Zollikofen". In this regard the Swiss company contributed the baler and Göweil contributed the wrapper combination.

The reworked "Maiskombi" LT-Master from Göweil.

Göweil reworked the "Maiskombi" from the previous year thus and Göweil's first LT-Master came into being.

Extension of the company site with additional production halls and office space.

The company site was extended with additional production halls and office space. To do this a 45,000 m³ excavation was necessary.

Presentation of the new corporate logo.

Presentation of the new corporate logo.

Another annex for production space and storage space.

Due to the excellent order situation another annex of 2,400 m² production space and 3,500 m² storage space became necessary.

Annex with office space and electronics workshop.

The company building was extended with additional office space and break areas, and an electronics workshop and storage area.

Presentation of the Göweil round baler G-1 F125.

Göweil's first round baler, the G-1 F125 was officially presented. As part of this presentation open days were hosted and approx. 7,000 visitors participated.

Foundation of the subsidiary Göweil BNL in Belgium.

Foundation of the subsidiary Göweil BNL in Belgium, by longstanding partner Josef Goffinet and Herbert Göweil.

Purchase of a land for factory premises in Rainbach in Mühlkreis.

With the purchase of business property in Rainbach im Mühlkreis the foundation was laid for a new, second location.

Ground was broken for the new production site in 2020.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new location in Rainbach im Mühlkreis

GÖWEIL Schweiz AG is located in Rohrbach in the canton of Bern.

Establishment of GÖWEIL Switzerland AG - New general importer for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The new production site in Rainbach im Mühlkreis was commissioned in 2021.

The start in Rainbach was successful. After just under a year and a half of construction, we were able to start up production.


Awarded the title of Firefighter-Friendly Employer by the Federal Firefighters' Association.


Open house at the new plant in Rainbach im Mühlkreis attended by around 9,000 visitors


GÖWEIL BNL PGmbH moves into the newly constructed building in St. Vith / Belgium after a construction period of one year.

The 3.5 m³ bunker provides sufficient buffer to be able to feed the machine permanently.

The small model in the Master series, the LT-Master F60, was presented for the first time at Agritechnica in Hanover.