Sharpening blades with the MS100

Blade sharpener for agriculture
MS 100 | Blade sharpener


The GÖWEIL blade sharpener can be used to sharpen both curved and straight blades with perfect ease. The pitch and length of the sharpener can be adjusted individually and are infinitely variable. This level of flexibility makes it possible to sharpen blades whose radius is rather tight. The integrated rotation limiter prevents sharpening beyond the edge of the blade. The most commonly used radii are already preset on the table of the MS 100, allowing the operator to find the correct position more easily.


For all common straight or curved blades on round balers and loading wagons.

Energy savings

Blades ground to perfect sharpness lower the power requirement of the machine, allowing it to operate with more efficiency. 

Cutting quality

A sharp blade is a prerequisite for feed cut to perfection.

The MS100 blade sharpener at work.

Basic model

For sharpening all common curved blades in balers and loading wagons

Grinding angle and radius can be variably adjusted

Special grinding wheel

Easiest handling

The device is available with either 230 V or 400 V - (delivery excluding plug)

Technical data (basic model)

L x W x H:

930 x 675 x 1,455 mm


69 kg


1.1 kW


50 Hz


2,750 rpm

Protection class:

IP 55

Additional equipment

White cup wheel: Standard (included with the scope of delivery)
Blue cup wheel: fine grain size for increased service life

Adapter for sharpening straight blades

Prevents the blade from heating up while being sharpened.

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