Roll-off container with integrated square bale wrapper
IW300-C | Mobile wrapping machine

The container wrapping machine has been specially developed from SMF (synthetic mineral fibers). In order to release as few health-endangering fibers as possible, the wrapper was enclosed in a roll-off container and equipped with an extraction system.


The SMF waste is transported to a bale press, where the material is pressed and bound into square bales measuring up to 75 x 105 x 140 cm. The bale is then pushed directly into the container wrapper. As soon as the bale is recognized by the bale manipulator, it grips and raises the bale onto the wrapping table. Once the manipulator is back in its starting position, the wrapping process begins. When the wrapping process is complete, the continuous conveyor belt of the wrapping table is tensioned and the finished bale is transferred through the roller shutter to the bale conveyor belt in the removal position. Processing the next bale starts automatically.

Reference project

Wurzer Umwelt GmbH (Germany)


1. Closed roll-off container with transfer lock and extraction system

The sealed container with transfer lock ensures minimal fiber leakage. An extraction system is optionally available. The container can be easily transported using a hook attachment. Cleaning the interior is straightforward thanks to three hinged doors.


2. Bale manipulator

The bale manipulator automatically detects the bale, measures it, and grips it in the middle. The bale is lifted and placed on the wrapping table (likewise in the middle) by a chain drive. It is positioned using reed switches. The wrapping process only starts once the manipulator is back in its starting position.


3. Extension

In the working position, the extension is driven out to ensure the radius required for straightforward wrapping. It is easy to change the film thanks to an integrated door in the extension, whereby the wrapping arm is in the starting position.


4. Wrapping arm with wrapping table

GÖWEIL's long-term tried and tested wrapping technology guarantees clean bale wrapping. The single wrapping arm with 750 mm film pre-stretcher and film cutter also has a film monitoring system that switches off the wrapping process if the film tears or runs out. Once the wrapping process is complete, the bale conveyor belt of the wrapping table is tensioned and the bale is transferred to the bale conveyor belt.


5. Roller shutter and bale conveyor belt

The roller shutter opens automatically as soon as the bale is removed from the wrapping table. The finished bale is placed on the hydraulically rotatable conveyor belt for removal. To transport the wrapper, the conveyor belt is retracted into the container via the roller shutter.


6. Control system, drive, and main control cabinet

Control is realized by a specially developed fully automatic control system PROFI with user-friendly PROFI plus L terminal. The central main control cabinet with integrated control system and rotating field monitoring is integrated in the base machine. The central hydraulic oil supply is provided by a hydraulic unit with a 30 l tank including tank heating and level monitoring and has an oil cooling system in the return line. Pressure and return flow filters are also installed as standard.



Basic Model

with integrated door for film change

for cleaning or bale removal in the event of binding errors

with safety query to the baler

for positioning the last bale for the bale manipulator

Wrapping table with continuous bale conveyor belt; single wrapping arm with 750 mm film pre-stretcher and film monitoring

and automatic roller shutter for bale ejection

All work cycles are fully automatic

on the bale ejection side

with rotating field monitoring

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Technical data // Basic model

Dimensions6,500 x 2,550 x 2,750 mm
Weight8,000 kg
Drive output7,5 kW (32A/5-polig)
Cycle timeapprox. 4 min / bale
Bale sizemax. 75 x 105 x 140 cm
Bale weight400-700 kg (max. 900 kg)
Safety technology24V DC