Stationary square bale wrapper with diesel engine
G3010 Q Profi | Square bale wrapper

Equipped with a powerful diesel engine delivering 17.5 kW, the stationary square bale wrapper G3010 Q Profi is the perfect machine for contract harvesters. The work cycles "wrap bale" and "stack bale" are executed simultaneously. Thanks to the PROFI program control, the execution of all work cycles is fully automatic.



Secure Bale Guiding

The rotating rollers arranged on both sides are connected to each other with tie rods. This produces a controlled force, which in conjuntion with the belt, generates a clamping effect on the bales. The wrapper is able to guide the bale securely even with rectangular bale dimensions. A quick adjustment can adapt the belt length to different bale dimensions.

Control PROFI

A genuine highlight is the user-friendly and easy-to-use program control PROFI. The work steps are executed in fully automatic fashion. Manual control of all functions and parameters is still possible.


Continuous belt

The wide, continuous belt guarantees uniform wrapping of each and every bale - even if it is misshapen.


Feed Rate Shut-off Valve

This ensures that the film will overlap accurately for rectangular bales.


The G3010 Profi is equipped as standard with a 17.5 kW KUBOTA diesel engine including battery, generator, hours counter and electric starter as well as hydraulic system.

Basic model

(ohne Hydrauliköl)

(without hydraulic oil): 23 hp diesel engine, water cooled, battery, electric starter, hours counter, return filter and 12 gal hydraulic oil tank


This ensures that the film will overlap accurately for rectangular bales


The execution of all work cycles is fully automatic


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Technical data (basic model)

Weight:1,850 kg (4,100 lbs)
Length:5,610 mm (18’ 5”)
Width:2,410 mm (8’)
Height:3,180 mm (10’ 6”) (with the lift axle extended)

For all bale dimensions:

up to 1.20 x 1.40 m (48” x 56”)

Bale length:

up to 1.60 m (63”)

Round bale diameter:

0.90 – 1.50 m (36” – 60”)

Oil requirement:

Self-sufficient oil supply

Bale weight round / squaremax. 1,800 / 1,000 kg (max. 4,000 / 2,200 lbs)


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Required connections

7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system (excluding work lights)
3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply of the hand-held terminal (12 V / 10 A)

Additional equipment

Width altered to 8’ 4”,
Height altered to 10’8” (with the lift axle extended)


Stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out


Automatically switches to idle speed after the wrapping process or extended intervals


Customers can choose from a large selection of drawbar eye types

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