After approaching the bale, you remove the top half of the film from the bale.

Round bale unroller | RBA


The RBA is exceptionally well-suited for opening bales of silage, hay and straw and allows for particularly quick and clean fodder distribution without much effort.
The pulper is also optimally suited for short, long, cut or uncut fodder and even for tightly compressed bales.


The scraper floor ensures that the bale in opened uniformly and completely.

Scraper floor

Aided by a scraper floor the bale is pressed onto the spring tines and then placed in rotary movement. This process opens the bale uniformly and completely.

Additional equipment

The additional equipment GÖWEIL offers for this round bale unroller makes it possible to customize the machine to your personal requirements and turn it into the device that is perfect for your barn. This speeds up the work flow significantly.

Fodder distribution by means of the spreader attachment.

Basic model

Basic device without three-point linkage

Scraper floor with curved path-controlled pick-up

Technical data (basic model)

Basic device:

Weight:520 kg (1,150 lbs)
Length:1,600 mm (5' 3")
Width:2,100 mm (6' 11")
Height1,100 mm (3' 7")
Bale weight:up to 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs)

Device with loading arm and stacker collet:


760 kg (1,675 lbs)

Length:1,800 mm (5' 11")
Width:2,230 mm (7' 4")

1,477 mm (4' 10")

Shortened version:

The width is reduced about 300 mm (12")

Required connections

1 pressure connection and 1 depressurized return

Mounting options

Adapter Weiste triangle Cat. II

Other mounting options available on request

Overview Mounting options »


Additional equipment

Cat. II three-point linkage with stacker collet

With 2 load cylinders and 1 telescopic cylinder (loading arm can be reattached on the opposite side with a few hand movements). Double-acting hydraulic control device required.

Composed of 4 kW electric motor with hydraulic pump, return filter and hydraulic oil tank as well as control device for scraper floor

Drawbar combined with drawbar eye D40 and tractor linkage drawbar, mechanical support for bale pick-up

Double steering wheels (for operation in conjunction with smaller tractors), only in conjunction with three-point linkage, top link bolt must be attached with a chain, not suitable for articulated steering tractors!

Feed chute

For adjusting the speed of the scraper floor and of the pick-up

Hand control slide valve 2 functions

Hand control slide valve 3 functions

Hand control slide valve 4 functions

Solenoid valve, radio remote control for the load arm and scraper floor functions.

Solenoid valve, radio remote control for the load arm, lift axle, and scraper floor functions.

Fixture for evenly spreading straw

only in conjunction with spreader attachment

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