The TDE with tine guard.

Bale spear, three-point
TDE | Bale transport spike single

The bale transport spike has been designed especially for transporting unwrapped round bales.
The tine guard ensures that the TDE bale transport spike is also suitable for road transport.

Basic model

Ø: 42 mm (1.5”), length 1,100 mm (43”)

Tine guard for road transport

Base frame with Cat. I and II three-point linkage


Technical data (basic model)

Length:1210 mm (43”)
Width:1080 mm (3' 2")
Height:690 mm (2' 3")
Weight:75 kg (165 lbs)
Bale weight:max. 1,500 kg (max. 3,300 lbs)


Possible attachments

Adapter Weiste triangle Cat. II

Overview Mounting options »

Additional equipment

Support foot

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