Variable bales with the stationary baler-wrapper combination VARIO-Master.
Many materials & bale sizes.

Baling corn silage with the variable round baler 
VARIO-Master | Baler-wrapper combination

The VARIO-Master is capable of turning a large number of materials including maize, CCM, alfalfa, sugar beet pulp, grain, mixed feed, hemp into perfectly shaped round bales. The variable bale chamber makes it possible to produce highly compacted bales with a diameter of 80 - 140 cm. The seamless work flow provides for maximum compression and quick exclusion of air.


High compaction

The high compression strength compacts the material to a minimal volume. This helps save valuable storage space.


Fast and agile

The pivoting drawbar can swivel up to 30° to either side. This provides for a tight turning radius and also allows the machine to be powered from either side.


Sophisticated brake system

Customers can choose between a standard dual-line air brake system and a hydraulicbrake system.


Machine Set-up

A tremendous plus! The machine is ready for operation within three minutes.


Well lubricated

The central lubricator continuously supplies the most important lubrication points with grease and oil. This keeps wear and tear to a minimum, guaranteeing an exceptionally long lifetime.


Always plenty in stock

Thanks to its hydraulically folding film storage that holds up to 18 rolls of film, the VARIO-Master is ideally suited for even the longest workdays.


Ultimate control

The program control "PROFI" uses a bus system to control the entire work flow in fully automatic fashion - all that remains for the driver to do is monitor the machine.


No Distance Too Far

The 80 km/h (50 mph) chassis allows you to quickly reach any jobsite - whether you travel by truck or tractor.


Perfectly Lit

The LED lighting system keeps the VARIO-Master perfectly lit even if you have to work at night.


Highlights of the feeder & metering unit

Low-profile design

The low profile design and 3.50 meter width of the feeder makes the filling process quick and easy - whether you use a dump trailer, push-off trailer, truck, or direct feeding


Metering unit

The speed of the scraper floor automatically adapts to and controls the material quantity


Large capacity feeder

The feeder provides a large buffer thanks to its nearly 13 m³ volume. This large capacity keeps the VARIO-Master running in between loading.


Scraper floor chains

The galvanized, die-forged scraper floor chains of the sloped conveyer and feeder are indestructible.


Metering rollers and feed screws

The continuous profile of the feed screws guarantee that the material is perfectly distributed onto the sloped conveyer.


Highlights of the baler

Variable chamber

Bale diameter and bale density are set at the terminal. The range is from 0.80 to 1.4 meters in diameter.


Net or film

You will need an efficient binding system to preserve a bale in perfect condition. Every VARIO-Master model comes standard with a combined dual binding unit for net and film.


High compression density

Two endless belts provide permanently for a high compression of the material.


Hydraulic drive of the pressing chamber

The speed of the bale chamber can be adapted to the material with the hydraulic drive.


Water injection

A water injection system allows for the mixing of water into dry materials during baling.


Refeed belt

The refeed belt running underneath the entire length of the machine prevents the loss of material. Stray particles that escape during the baling process are caught and re-fed back onto the sloping conveyer without contamination.


Long lifetime

Large bearings together with a perfectly attuned lubrication system guarantee the machine will last for a long time.


Highlights of the wrapper

Mobile wrapping table

The mobile wrapping table slides under the baler and picks up the bale quickly and gently.


Twin wrapping arm

The wrapper always stays one step ahead thanks to its standard twin wrapping arm including 2 x 750 mm film stretching units
More bales per roll of film - that is the result of the patented plastic rollers.


Film cutter

If a film roll runs out or tears, the speed with which the wrapping table rotates the bale is reduced until a 50% overlap is reached again. This ensures the wrapping process for the bale can be completed without interruption. If both film rolls run out or tear, the film monitoring unit will terminate the wrapping process.


Bale delivery ramp

A gentle bale drop is guaranteed by the hydraulically lowerable bale delivery ramp.

Automatic film cutting & holding system

The stainless steel knife guarantees that the film will be cut with utmost precision. The standard float position of the film cutter ensures that the film comes off easily and prevents any remnants from being clamped.


Materials suitable for baling

Corn Silage

Corn silage is made from the entire corn plant and serves as one of the most important roughage feeds for ruminants with a high milk yield.


Sugar beets

Sugar beet cossettes are known for their extremely high energy content, palatability, and digestibilty.


Whole Crop Silage

Whole crop silages are usually made from barley, wheat, or triticale. Their cultivation guarantees high yields and has many benefits when it comes to crop farming.


CCM / Earlage

Corn Cob Mix is an outstanding high-energy feed that consists of corn cobs and kernels.


TMR (Total Mixed Ration)

A TMR is made up of a balanced mix of roughage feed and concentrate feed. Dry matter portion and energy content are perfectly attuned. TM rations have a decidedly positive effect on the milk yield and the health of the animals.


Industrial hemp

The industrial hemp plant is characterized by a particularly high CBD content and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.



Apart from corn silage, alfalfa silage is the most important component in roughage feeding thanks to its high protein content and highly digestible fiber.



Grass silage is the most important roughage feed for ruminants. Ideally, the feed is composed of true grasses, herbs and clover. Species of grass that are high in sugar guarantee a thorough fermentation process.


Other materials

e.g. game feed, vegetable leftovers, sugar cane, cracked corn, apple remnants, and straw


Basic model

Twin wrapping arm

for bale diameters between 80 - 140 cm (32” - 55”)

Dual binding unit for net and film

On-board hydraulic system with oil cooler

Two belts for a high compression of the material

Refeed to prevent possible crumbling losses

(Working width 3.50 m) (11’ 6”)

Hydraulically actuated wrapping table

4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers

Bale drop towards the front via hydraulic bale delivery ramp

Height-adjustable drawbar

Film stretching unit 500 mm (20”) and 750 mm (30”) combined with overlap adjustment

Film cutter

Film monitoring unit

Single-film mode

with suspension and tires 385/55 R22.5

Hydraulically lowerable film storage for up to 18 rolls of film

LED work lights

Dual-line air brake system (for up to 80 km/h) or hydraulic brake

The four cameras are positioned such that they afford you a clear view of the top of the bale chamber, the sloping conveyor, the wrapping table and the rear of the machine (on the right in direction of travel) at all times.

Consists of solenoid valve, tubing, and adjustable nozzles. For mixing water into dry materials.

Additional wireless sensor transmitter for bale deposit

Automatic central lubrication system for oil and grease

The execution of all work cycles is fully automatic

Technical data (basic model)


Transport position

Work position

Weight:15,800 kg (35,120 lbs)
Length:11,780 mm (38‘ 8“)

14,170 mm (46‘ 6“)

Width:2,550 mm (8‘ 4“)

max. 6,130 mm (20‘ 1“)

Height:4,000 mm (13‘ 2“)

max. 3,540 mm (11‘ 7“)

Bale diameter:

von 0.80 bis 1.40 m (from 32” - 55”)

Power requirement of the towing vehicle

Oil requirement pivoting drawbar10 l at 200 bar (2.5 gal at 200 bar)
Power requirement:at least 90 kW (at least 120 hp)

Required connections

1 double-acting and 1 single-acting control device for the pivoting drawbar

7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system, excluding work lights

The included wiring harness is used to supply electricity to the machine

Additional equipment

Consists of a 90 kW (120 hp) electric motor with soft starter. Complete with switch cabinet, wiring, base with forklift slings, emergency switch and main switch.

Required connection for electric motor: 400 V / 50 Hz, CEE 125 A, protection class IP55

Consists of weighing table, display and label printer

Consists of weighing table, display and label printer

The bale can be set down gently on the face side (left or right), or forward.

  • Dosistar control unit
  • Pump with filter
  • Electronic flow meter
  • Various nozzles
  • Suction hose for external container

Attention! Tank not included

450 liter (120 gal) stainless steel tank mounted on the machine

Consists of 15-pin to 13-pin and 2x 7-pin to 13-pin Spiral Cables

Customers can choose from a large selection of drawbar eye types

All drawbar eye types »

Country-specific Equipment

Rotating light

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