The round bale is packaged in a perfectly air-tight manner.

Baler-wrapper combination as an attachment | G5050 Kombi

The G5050 Kombi combines baler and wrapper in one unit and can be combined with Fendt as well as Massey Ferguson round baler models 130F, 160V, 180V. The finished bale is “picked up” directly from the wrapping table and wrapped. The entire work flow is perfectly optimized! The electronic system of this baler wrapper combination controls the entire work flow in fully automatic fashion!



    The robust and solid construction and workmanship of the frame guarantee an exceptionally long lifetime of the baler-wrapper combination. The G5050 offers outstanding agility and is gentle on the sod thanks to its compact design and the narrow spacing of its axles. In addition, its low center of gravity allows for a level of maneuverability that is second to none even in slope positions.

    Control unit with push buttons

    The new control panel with pushbuttons is particularly helpful when the machine requires maintenance and servicing. The most important functions can thus be controlled directly at the machine.

    Hydraulic film storage

    You cannot achieve a high daily output without a sufficient supply of film. The two film holders on the G5050 Kombi allow you to carry along a total of up to ten rolls of film. A hydraulic tilting device lets the operator load or remove film with ease and at a comfortable working height. This makes it possible to wrap approximately 200 to 300 bales depending on the bale diameter and the number of film layers.


    The G5050 Kombi always offers superior handling and control – whether you are traversing a field or transporting it on the road. The frame is mounted on a tandem axle chassis that is supported on 560/45-R22,5 Flotation Trac tires. The narrow axle spacing allows the machine to operate in a way that is gentle on the soil and smooth even when you are traveling on the road at 40 km/h. Customers can opt to have their baler-wrapper combination equipped with a dual-line air brake system or a hydraulic brake system.

    Rotating wrapping arm with stationary wrapping table

    This system reliably prevents the bale from falling off as it is not subjected to any kind of centrifugal forces. The conveyor belts and the four rotating bale guide rollers guarantee that the bale will continually move forward and, consequently, ensure a uniform overlap of the film. When it is time to drop the bales, the mobile wrapping table is lowered all the way to the ground. This provides for a gentle deposit of the bales.

    Twin wrapping arm with film stretching unit

    The twin wrapping arm is equipped with two 750 mm film stretching units. Three patented plastic rollers each provide for uniform stretching. What is more, the rollers are not sensitive to temperature. This helps save film and guarantees firmly wrapped bales. The stretching units are height-adjustable. This ensures that the bales will always be wrapped perfectly around their own center. The quick-release system makes it possible to change empty rolls quickly and effortlessly. The film monitoring unit will cut off the wrapping process if the film runs out or tears.

    Load Sensing

    The standard hydraulic "Load Sensing" control system automatically adjusts the oil volume to consumption. This control system, thereby, not only performs several functions simultaneously, it also reduces fuel consumption at the same time. This results in a greater bale output per hour. The machine can also be operated in conjunction with tractors without load sensing pump.

    Automatic film cutting and holding system

    The stainless steel knives guarantee that the wrapping film will be cut cleanly and precisely. At the same time, the film is fixed in place by the cutter lever. Shortly after the wrapping process begins, the standard float position ensures that the films will unwind easily.

    Basic model

    Can also be operated in conjunction with tractors without load sensing pump

    Paint option of blue or baler color

    Info & Contact

    Technical data (basic model)


    5.400 - 7.700 kg (11,900 - 17,000 lbs)

    Total length:

    7.840 mm (25’ 9”)

    Total width:

    2.990 mm (9’10”)

    Total height:

    2.800 - 3.350 mm (9’ 3” - 11’)

    Bale diameter:

    0,90 - 1,50 m (36” - 60”)

    When bales are loaded through without wrapping process (hay, straw):

    up to 2,00 m (up to 78”)

    Oil requirement:

    starting at 60 l/min at 190 bar (starting at 16 gpm at 190 bar)
    Bale weight:up to 1800 kg (up to 4,000 lbs)

    Required connections

    1 pressure connection and 1 depressurized return for the supply of the wrapper

    Load Sensing connection (required for LS mode only)

    Electrical power supply to the machine via ISOBUS connector or the included wiring harness

    7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system (excluding work lights)

    Additional equipment

    Width altered to 3,150 mm (10’ 4”) 

    Width altered to 3,290 mm (10’ 10”)

    For film widths between 500 mm (20”) and 750 mm (30”); the overlap can be adjusted as well

    Hydraulic articulated drawbar with two double-acting cylinders

    Hydraulic articulated drawbar affords the operator an exceptionally smooth ride

    When the wrapping process is complete, the bale will keep turning to allow the film to make better contact

    For a gentle bale drop onto the field

    When the wrapping process is complete, the bale is positioned on its right front side with the direction of travel

    200 mm (8”) longer than the standard drawbar

    PTO shaft may have to be extended

    Required connection: 12 volt hybrid connector DIN ISO 4165

    with 8 buttons and encoder

    with 12 buttons and encoder

    Wiring harness is required if ISOBUS is not available on the tractor

    Customers can choose from a large selection of drawbar eye types

    All drawbar eye types