G5010 round bale wrapper

Trailed round bale wrapper with parallel bale pick-up
G5010 | Round bale wrapper

The trailed machine with bale pick-up is the perfect entry model for professional users. The pull-type wrapper sets itself apart by its compact and agile design. This allows you to pull the G5010 effortlessly - even with tractors lacking in the horsepower department. 




The robust construction and quality craftmanship of the wrapper guarantee an exceptionally long lifetime. Its compact and wide design makes this round bale wrapper extremely agile and perfectly suited for working on slopes. In addition, its low center of gravity allows for a level of maneuverability that is second to none. The standard 380/55-17AW tires ensure uniform weight distribution and are gentle on the soil.

Rotating wrapping arm with stationary wrapping table

This system reliably prevents the bale from falling off as it is not subjected to any kind of centrifugal forces. The conveyor belts and the four rotating bale guide rollers guarantee that the bale will continually move forward and, consequently, ensure a uniform overlap of the film. When it is time to drop the bales, the wrapping table is lowered all the way to the ground. This provides for a particularly gentle unloading of the bales.



A genuine highlight is the user-friendly and easy-to-use program control STANDARD with wireless operation and electronic joystick.


Wrapping arm with film stretching unit

The film stretching unit is designed to accommodate 750 mm rolls of film. Three patented plastic rollers provide for perfectly uniform stretching. What is more, the rollers are not sensitive to temperature. This property helps save film and guarantees that the bales will be wrapped firmly and in an air-tight manner. The wrapping arm is available in two sizes – an added bonus is that the stretching units are height-adjustable. This ensures that the bales will always be wrapped perfectly around their own center. The quick-release system makes it possible to change empty rolls quickly and effortlessly.


Automatic film cutting and holding system

The stainless steel knife guarantees that the film will be cut cleanly and precisely. At the same time, the film is fixed in place by the cutter lever. Shortly after the wrapping process begins, the standard float position ensures that the film will unwind easily.



The machine is mounted on top of an offset axle. The work position has been shifted to the right, providing for perfect weight distribution.
The benefits:
- Perfect weight distribution especially during bale pick-up
- The wrapper can also be pulled by smaller tractors
- Excellent stability on slopes


The levers come in particularly handy during maintenance and service operations. They allow you to control all functions and processes directly at the machine.
The driver can easily leave the program control in the tractor cab when he, for example, needs to change the film.


Film storage

When working long days, you need to make sure that you have enough film. This wrapper allows you to carry along up to six rolls of film. The holders are mounted on the drawbar. This arrangement makes it possible to load and unload the film rolls with ease at a comfortable working height.


Pivoting drawbar

The hydraulically adjustable pivoting drawbar allows you to operate the machine with perfect ease – bale pick-up from the front in the baler's direction of travel, bale deposit towards the rear. The standard lower linkage link is responsible for the wrapper's outstanding agility. When forced to navigate tight spots on a field, the operator will appreciate the minimum turn radius as a decisive benefit!

Bale pick-up

The hydraulic loading arm gently grabs the bale and places it smoothly on the wrapping table, which is slightly tilted forward while the bale is being picked up.
Since it can be adjusted to five different positions, the loading arm can be adapted perfectly to the diameter of the bale. Thanks to the pivoting, ball-mounted reception tube, the bale is never pinched or damaged. It also guarantees that the bale is picked up reliably even in difficult terrain. The bale pick-up also proves to be exceptionally convenient when you need to transport two bales.


Basic model

“Bale pick-up” is controlled manually using the electronic joystick. The cycles “wrapping process” and “film-holding and cutting” start automatically, while “bale drop” starts at the push of a button.


Info & Contact

Technical data (basic model)


1,630 kg (3,570 lbs)


3,940 mm (12’ 9”)


2,750 mm (9’)


3,060 mm (10’)

Bale diameter:

0.90 – 1.50 m (36” – 60”) (with standard wrapping arm)

Bale diameter:

0.90 - 1.35 m (36” – 53”) (height altered to 2,785 mm)

Oil requirement:

starting at 20 liters/min at max. 190 bar

Bale weight:up to 1,800 kg (up to 4,000 lbs)


Required connections

1 pressure connection and 1 depressurized return for the supply of the wrapper and 1 double-acting control device for the pivoting drawbar

3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply including direct supply line to the battery (cable cross-section 2x6 mm²)

7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system (excluding work lights)


Additional equipment

Width altered to 9’ 5”


For film widths between 500 mm and 750 mm (20” and 30”); the overlap can be adjusted as well


Stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out


(without hydraulic oil)

Including gearbox with pump, return filter, hydraulic oil tank and lower linkage link


Prevents the bale from dropping off the wrapping table in steep terrain


(including additional roller)

For a gentle bale drop onto the field


(including additional roller)
When the wrapping process is complete, the bale is positioned on its right front side with the direction of travel