The DTR can also be used in combination with the front hydraulic system.

Twin round bale fork for 2 wrapped bales
DTR | Double transport frame

The design of the double transport frame allows for mounting two BTGME or BTGHA round bale transport forks to the transport frame with a few easy steps. While installed stationary on one side, the bale transport fork is mounted on a transport cart on the other side, which can be moved up and down hydraulically. The machine is able to simultaneously transporttwo round bales with a diameter of up to 1.60 m.

Basic model

(WITHOUT bale transport fork)

Three-point linkage Cat. II

Technical data (basic model)


400 mm


2.440 mm 


1.050 mm

Weight (without transport fork):

212 kg
Payload:max. 3,500 kg

Max. operating pressure:

200 bar


Required connections

Double-acting hydraulic control device


Mounting options

Adapter Weiste triangle Cat. II

Overview mounting options »



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