Bale gripper / round bale gripper
Round bale grabber | RBG

The RBG round bale grabber makes it a snap to load and stack round bales of any type (silage, hay, straw) with diameters ranging from 1.10 to 1.60 m. Thanks to its round design, the grabber is capable of holding the bale securely and handling it in a gentle manner. Since the pressure on the bale is distributed evenly, the film cannot be overstretched or become damaged. Another crucial characteristic of this round bale grabber is the unit’s short and slender design which keeps the center of gravity close to the loader.
The RBG 140 version of the bale grabber is available for the transport of smaller bales (diameters of 0.80 - 1.30 m).


Basic model

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Technical data (basic model)

Length:1,260 mm (3' 11")

1,360 mm (4' 5")

Height:800 mm (2' 7")
Weight:202 kg (450 lbs)
Bale weight:max. 1,800 kg (max. 4,000 lbs)

Max. operating pressure:

200 bar

Possible attachments

Cat. I and Cat. II three-point linkage

Hauer B, Merlo, Merlo ZM3, SMS, MX

Dieci/New Holland, Dieci Dedalus, Amkodor, Manitou, JCB Q-Fit, JCB Compact Tool Carrier, Weidemann hydraulic, Kramer, Schäffer up to 3550, Schäffer from 3550T, Atlas, Claas Scorpion, Zettelmeyer 402, Zettelmeyer 602, Volvo BM, CAT 907H / Liebherr L507, Liebherr L514, Faresin, Avant, Faucheux, Bobcat, CAT TH 407 C, Giant, Skid Steer, Fendt Cargo T955/Sennebogen

Adapter Weiste triangle Cat. II: Requires three-point linkage

Other mounting options available on request

Overview Mounting options


Required connections

Double-acting hydraulic control device


Additional equipment

For transporting smaller bales (Ø of 0.90 – 1.40 m) (Ø of 36” – 55”) or for RBG 140 (Ø of 0.70 – 1.10 m) (Ø of 28” - 43”)


Telescopic & wheel loaders require an operating pressure greater than 200 bar