The GHU 12 is the perfect helper in any situation.

Rear container
GHU 12 |  High LIFT bucket

80 HP or more - Payload up to 5,000 kg

Equipped with a HARDOX scraper bar, the GHU 12 high dump bucket is the perfect tool for any tough and demanding job!


Stacker attachment

We also offer models of our tried-and-tested high dump bucket that are specially designed for stackers used in commercial applications.



The body is reinforced by additional cast parts at the top corner joints and at the sidewalls. These reinforcements let the rear bucket withstand even greater loads. The upper edge has been enhanced by a round steel pipe. Lashing points arranged on the side allow you to attach belts.


The high dump effect

The design of the high dump bucket provides for a maximum dumping height.

Additional equipment

A large variety of additional equipment options makes it a breeze to customize the GHU to your specific needs.

Upright, safely protected telescopic cylinder

Not only is the upright telescopic cylinder perfectly protected and integrated into the 3-point frame, it also delivers a level of strength that is truly exceptional. It can handle any load you throw at it!


Swinging sidewall

Formed by a sidewall profile, the swinging sidewall will stand up to even greater loads.


Bucket bottom

The flat bucket bottom makes it a cinch to load the GHU.


Open 3-point frame

Ideal for leveling surfaces or clearing snow. No material will stick to the frame!

Basic model

Double-acting 3-stage telescopic cylinder, upright in 3-point frame

Three-point linkage Cat. II and Cat. III

Flat bucket bottom with welded-on scraper bar made from HARDOX 500

Removable rear panel/platform swing gate

Standard sizes

Bucket depth: 1,200 mm - front/side wall height: 700 m


Bucket width


GHU 12/2000

2,000 mm

526 kg

GHU 12/2200

2,200 mm

545 kg

GHU 12/2350

2,350 mm

559 kg

GHU 12/2500

2,500 mm

567 kg

Mounting options

Euro mount

Straightforward installation thanks to bolted attachment
3-point attachment remains fully usable
2-stage locking lugs effect an improved tilt angle, allowing for picking up larger amounts of bulk solids

Weidemann hydraulic, Manitou

Weiste triangle Cat. II

Hauer B

Other mounting options available on request

Overview Mounting options »

Additional equipment

Straightforward installation (can be fitted and removed with ease and without the use of tools), increases the height of the front panel by 450 mm, can still be used as a trough extension

Consisting of 2 side sections, front panel and one holder for the sidewall
Additional height of 350 mm

Bucket width: 2,000 mm, 2,200 mm, 2,350 mm, 2,500 mm

for connecting the additional rear panel with standard rear panel

Height: 500 mm
Simple installation (can be slipped on or removed without the use of tools)

John Deere Green, Fendt Green, Communal Orange (RAL 2000), Red (RAL 3000), Jet Black (RAL 9005)

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