The BTGHA allows for the gentle and effortless transport of wrapped bales.

Round bale fork with tipper
BTGHA | Round bale transport fork

The round bale transport fork has been designed for transporting and, in particular, tipping wrapped or unwrapped round bales with a diameter of 1.00 - 1.80 m. This makes it possible to haul away the bales and store them on their face side in a particularly gentle manner. The tilting tubes used for setting the bales up vertically are unlocked by two hydraulic cylinders.


Basic model

Base frame with Cat. I and II three-point linkage

Large fork pipes / Ø: 110 mm (4")

Mechanically adjustable fork pipes with quick-release fastener

Two hydraulic cylinders for unlocking the fork pipes

Technical data (basic model)


1.350 mm (4' 5")


1.140 mm (3' 7") 


970 mm (3' 2")


136 kg (300 lbs)
Bale weight:max. 1,800 kg (max. 4,000)

Max. operating pressure:

200 bar


Required connections

Single-acting hydraulic control device


Possible attachments

Adapter Weiste triangle Cat. II

Overview mounting options »




Additional equipment

The opening area can be adjusted continuously using two hydraulic cylinders
Double-acting hydraulic connection required

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