Waste & garbage wrapper
G4010 Q Industrie | Square bale wrapper

The G4010 Q Industry is an ideal choice for wrapping round and square bales. It is used to wrap bales produced by industrial presses in film, making it possible to store the bales outdoors. Especially during times when the systems are inspected, the machine is an excellent option to temporarily store the garbage produced every day. The machine is capable of wrapping all bale dimensions up to a bale length of 2 meters.

Basic model


Twin wrapping arm

Hydraulically tilting wrapping table with mechanical belt length adjustment

Wide, continuous bale conveyor belt with belt guide

Bale deposit to the left with the direction of travel

Combined film stretching unit 500 mm and 750 mm (20” and 30”)

Automatic film cutting & holding system

stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out

Lift axle and hydraulic support foot

Oil cooler

Storage for 16 rolls of film

Tires 380/55-17AW

Electro-hydraulic drive including 15.0 kW electric motor

This ensures that the film will overlap accurately for rectangular bales

Light & indicator system

2 working lights

The execution of all work cycles is fully automatic

Central lubricator

Support legs for easy transport by forklift

Technical data (basic model)

Weight:3,110 kg (6,850 lbs)
Length:6,790 mm (22’ 3”)
Width:2,410 mm (8’)
Height:3,530 - 3,710 mm (11’ 6” to 12’ 2”)
varies with upper section position and lift axle

For all bale dimensions:

from 0.80 x 0.80 m to 1.20 x 1.40 m (32” x 32” to 48” x 56”)

Single/double bales: with a length of up to 2.00 m (78”)

Round bale diameter

0.90 - 1.60 m (36” – 60”)

Maximum bale weight

1,800 / 1,500 kg (max. 4,000 / 3,300 lbs)

Self-sufficient oil supply



Required connections

3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply of the hand-held terminal (12V/10A)

7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system, excluding work lights

Connection for electric motor: 400V/50-60 Hz, CEE 32A, protection class IP55

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