The G1015 is suitable for both front and rear installation.

G1015 | Round bale wrapper

The G1015 round bale roller wrapper made by GÖWEIL sets itself apart with its ultra compact and sturdy design. Two rollers actuated in series ensure that the bale is rotated evenly. The STANDARD program control including joystick can be used to control the round bale roller wrapper with no effort at all.


Transport, wrap, stack

The G1015 roller wrapper makes it possible to perform the cycles "Transport", "Wrap" and "Stack" with one single machine. And, thanks to its exceptionally sturdy and compact design, it is guaranteed to have a long service life. The wrapper is suitable for both front and rear installation. Customers can choose from an extensive selection of loader attachments.



The G1015 wrapper comes standards with the easy-to-use STANDARD program control that includes an electronic joystick. All functions can also be executed directly at the control housing of the machine – which comes in handy when the operator needs to change the film. Better still, additional connections make it possible to use the wrapper's program control to also actuate the hydraulic upper linkage.


Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors

The hydraulic cylinders housed in the base frame of the wrapper and the hydraulic motors are safely protected. The hydraulic motors are mounted on the inside of the rollers.



The large-size rollers of the G1050 wrapper guarantee that even the heaviest bales can be wrapped with flawless ease. Powered separately from one another, the rollers stretch the film around the bales in a uniform movement.


Wrapping arm with film pre-stretcher

The wrapping arm is equipped with a film pre-stretcher that can accommodate 750 mm rolls of film. The three patented plastic rollers provide for perfectly uniform stretching.
What is more, the rollers are not sensitive to temperature. This helps save film and guarantees firmly wrapped bales. The quick-release system makes it possible to change empty rolls quickly and effortlessly.


Hydraulic upper linkage

The pitch of the wrapper can be adjusted continuously and with perfect ease thanks to the hydraulic upper linkage. Optional connections for the upper linkage make it possible to control the upper linkage with the wrapper’s program control.

Film cutter

The stainless steel knife guarantees that the film will be cut cleanly and precisely. At the same time, the film is fixed in place by the cutter lever. Shortly after the wrapping process begins, the standard float position ensures that the film will unwind easily.


Additional equipment

A host of additional equipment options allow the user to customize and expand the machine to their individual needs.


Basic model

Can also be operated in conjunction with tractors without load sensing pump

Bale pick-up and deposit are controlled using the electronic joystick. The cycles "wrapping process" and "film-holding and cutting" start automatically.

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Technical data (basic model)


985 kg (2,170 lbs)


2,220 mm (7’ 3”)


1,800 mm (5’ 11”)


2,355 mm (7’ 9”)

Roller opening width:

1,750 mm (5’ 9”)

Bale diameter:

0.90 – 1.60 m (36” - 63”)

Bale weight:

up to 1,200 kg (up to 2,600 lbs)

Oil requirements:

starting at 20 l/min at max 190 bar

Required connections

1 pressure connection and one depressurized return for the supply of the wrapper

Load Sensing connection (required for LS mode only)

3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply including direct supply line to the battery (cable cross-section 2x6 mm²)


Possible attachments

Euro capture frame
Merlo, Merlo ZM3, SMS, MX

Dieci/New Holland, Dieci Dedalus, Manitou, JCB Q-Fit, JCB Compact Tool Carrier, Weidemann hydraulisch, Kramer, Schäffer bis 3550, Schäffer ab 3550T, Atlas, Claas Scorpion, Zettelmeyer 402, Zettelmeyer 602, CAT 907H / Liebherr L507, Faresin, Faucheux, Bobcat, CAT TH 407 C, Giant, Skid Steer, Fendt Cargo T955/Sennebogen

Other attachments - on request
Overview of attachments

Additional equipment

For film widths between 500 mm (20”) and 750 mm (30”); the overlap can be adjusted as well


Stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out


The hydraulic upper linkage is controlled directly using the program control of the wrapper


Length changes to: 2,370 mm (7’ 9”) / height changes to: 2,505 mm (8’ 3”)


Operation via program control


approx. 60 kg


Including gearbox with pump, slip-on tractor PTO drive shaft, return filter and 30 L hydraulic oil tank