The G3010 in action in the field.

3 point linkage round bale wrapper
G3010 | Round bale wrapper

The three-point linkage round bale wrapper is the ideal wrapping machine for customers with smaller bale counts per year. The G3010 impresses with its uncomplicated, efficient operation and can be optionally equipped with a bale pick-up. Find out more about this round bale wrapper's highlights, the design, equipment and more here.



The Series G30 wrappers are particularly characterized by their low working height. The robust and solid design and workmanship of the wrapper guarantee a long service life.


Wrapping arm with film pre-stretcher

The wrapping arm comes with a film pre-stretcher for 750 mm film rolls. The patented plastic rollers ensure uniform pre-stretching. This saves film and guarantees tightly wrapped and airtight bales. In addition, the rollers are not temperature sensitive. The quick-change system allows empty rolls to be replaced quickly and easily.


Rotating wrapping arm with stationary wrapping table

It is impossible for the bale to fall off with this system as there are no centrifugal forces acting on it. While the belts ensure continuous rotation of the bale, the two rotating bale guide rollers (optionally up to four) keep the bale in position. This guarantees uniform overlapping of the film. When bale deposit is performed, the wrapping table is tilted to the side and the bale is gently deposited next to the machine.


Film Cutter

The stainless steel cutting knife guarantees clean and precise cutting of the film. At the same time, the film is fixed by the cutting lever. Shortly after the start of the wrapping process, the standard float position ensures easy release of the wrapping film.


Control unit with hand lever

The control unit and the hand lever are helpful for maintenance and service work. All functions and processes can be performed directly on the machine. This means that the operator can simply leave the handset in the tractor cab.


Drive Types

In the basic model, the wrapper is powered by the towing vehicle. On request, the G3010 wrapper can be equipped with an external drive motor. A choice of PTO or electric drive (4 kW motor) or gasoline engine (8.2 kW) with battery, e-starter as well as hydraulic system.


Bale pick-up

The G3010 wrapper can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic bale pickup. By turning the lift fork it is possible to lift the bale moving forward or backward.


Basic model

The cycles “wrapping process” and “film-holding and cutting” start automatically, while “bale drop” starts at the push of a button


Info & Contact

Technical data (basic model)

Gewicht:865 kg
Länge:2.705 mm
Breite:1.720 mm
Höhe:2.670 mm
Ballendurchmesser:0,90 – 1,60 m
Ölbedarf:ab 20 l/min bei max. 190 bar
Ballengewichtmax. 1.800 kg


Required connections

1 Druckanschluss und 1 druckloser Rücklauf für die Versorgung der Wickelmaschine (entfällt bei Zapfwellenantrieb)

3-polige Steckdose für die elektrische Versorgung mit direkter Zuleitung zur Batterie (12V/30A) - Leitungsquerschnitt 2x6 mm²

Additional equipment

The execution of all work cycles is fully automatic.


Only in combination with fully automatic program control PROFI

Required connection: 3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply of the hand-held terminal (12V/10A)


Bale pick-up on the right with or against the direction of travel
Bale deposit on the left (on the right, only possible in bale pick up)
Width altered to 1,825 mm (6’)
Bale weight: up to 1,100kg (2,400 lbs)


For film widths between 500 mm and 750 mm (20” and 30”) the overlap can be adjusted as well.


Stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out.


maximum 2 items


Required connection: 7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system (excluding work lights)


tractor operation still possible
4 kW electric motor, return filter and 30 l hydraulic oil tank, fully assembled
Required connection for electric motor: 400 V / 50 Hz, CEE 16 A, protection class IP55


Including gearbox with pump, slip-on tractor PTO drive shaft, return filter and 30 L hydraulic oil tank


  • Tractor operation still possible
  • 8.2 kW gasoline engine with battery
  • Electric starter
  • Return filter
  • 30 l hydraulic oil tank