GÖWEIL Schweiz AG has its headquarters in Rohrbach in the canton of Bern.
New direction in Switzerland
GÖWEIL Schweiz AG is established

As of September 1, 2021, Göweil takes new direction in Switzerland

GÖWEIL Schweiz AG now functions as the general importer of Göweil products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

By establishing Göweil Schweiz AG, the Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer Göweil positions itself in Switzerland and prepares for the future. Göweil Schweiz AG will be the general importer for Göweil products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and replaces Göweil GmbH.


Not only will it have a new name but also a new location in Rohrbach in the canton of Bern The new branch combines office, workshop and warehouse in one building and henceforth forms the new headquarters for customer support in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The former managing director Fritz Zürcher will not make the move to Göweil Schweiz AG. Zürcher founded Göweil GmbH in Switzerland with Herbert Göweil in 1999 and has managed the company ever since. The entire Göweil team would like to express their gratitude for the good cooperation spanning more than two decades and wishes Fritz Zürcher all the best for the future.

The managing director of Göweil Schweiz AG is Bruno Bolliger. He has been working for the Göweil brand in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for seven years.

The restructuring also brings a few new faces, as the Swiss team is getting reinforcements.

With fresh momentum, the Göweil Schweiz AG team starts the new era and provides the best support for its customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Discover the new Göweil Schweiz AG team at www.goeweil.com

Bruno Bolliger is the managing director of GÖWEIL Schweiz AG

Schweiz AG contact:

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