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1. Service
Georg Birngruber Gerhard Preuer Mario Birngruber Georg Birngruber Victoria Sager Gerhard Preuer Victoria Sager Rene Hackl Göweil Service Our professionals at your disposal …
2. Internal Sales
Manuela Schilcher Rudolf MEHRINGER Christian Freudenthaler Philip KIESER Pierre PAYRÉ Internal sales MBA 杨玉君 Yang Yujun, MSc Reinhard LEIMHOFER
3. Marketing
Katharina HÜGELSBERGER DI (FH) Andreas RUCKENDORFER Trade fair planing Daniel DENKMAIER, BA Elisabeth BARBARIC, BSc Marketing & advertising
4. English-International
Since 1988, GÖWEIL has epitomized excellence in the area of baling and wrapping technology thanks to a product selection of unsurpassed quality. Other core areas of the company's activities include…
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5. G-1 F125 Kombi
Width altered to 3,290 mm | without EU type-approval Width altered to 3,150 mm | without EU type-approval with emergency brake valve and accumulator Height – single & dual binding unit:…
6. VARIO-Master
Baling corn silage with the variable round baler  VARIO-Master | Baler-wrapper combination The VARIO-Master is capable of turning a large number of materials including maize, CCM, alfalfa,…
7. LT- Master Industry
Wood / wood chips Wood shavings, wood chips, chopped brushwood, wood wool, bark mulch and sawdust   Plastic materials Films and solid remnants of plastic with a grain size of up to 50…
8. LT-Master
Consists of 15-pin to 13-pin and 2x 7-pin to 13-pin Spiral Cables 12V to 24V Customers can choose from a large selection of drawbar eye types All drawbar eye types » Consists of solenoid…
9. G1015
Round bale wrapper G1015 | Round bale wrapper The G1015 roller wrapper made by GÖWEIL sets itself apart with its ultra compact and sturdy design. Two rollers actuated in series ensure that the…
10. G3010 Q Industry
Waste & garbage square bale wrapper G3010 Q Industrie | Square bale wrapper In the same way as the G4010 Q, the G3010 Q Industry can be used to wrap bales of all dimensions that are produced…
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